About Alliance
About Alliance


If you are interested in starting a Alliance chapter in your neck of the woods, here is what we expect of you:

  1. You must be a mature and responsible person. (Please, no sixteen year olds!) This can be demonstrated in a number of ways, including being gainfully employed.
  2. You must have the right expectations: No one gets rich off of live roleplaying games. Heck, no one even makes a living off of live roleplaying games. You should be doing this because you enjoy it and want to run a quality game, not because you think it will make you a ton of money. (Please note that if you are doing it well, you should be easily able to pay all the bills!)
  3. You should want to run a roleplaying game, not a battle game.
  4. You will have to understand that you will have to abide by the By-Laws of the Alliance, which means you will not be changing any of the rules of the game, will be limited in the amount of treasure you can put out, and will have other restrictions which help to promote consistency and quality from chapter to chapter.
  5. You should have some money in the bank to invest in your chapter. There are lots of expenses in running a chapter, and if you don't put the money in, you can't run a quality game. You will need to get coins, NPC weapons and costumes, props, Rule Books, insurance, a web page, flyers, computer programs -- and all of this you have to get before you even have your first event!
  6. You should be willing to prepare a short history of the in-game lands where your game will take place, an outline of your first year's plot and where you expect it to go, your ideas about the local countries and cultures in your lands, and other materials to show that you can run a mature and complicated game.
To start an Alliance campaign will cost you $1000 up front, but out of that money, we will provide with Rule Books you can sell to your players, starting coins you will need for your game, a player/character database, tag templates, a monster database, a treasure generator, race packets, sample modules, brochures on how to run a campaign and how to run plotlines, contact information for ordering other props and supplies you will need, and lots of advice on how to promote your game. (The cost of the books and coins alone are a huge chunk of that, not counting shipping.) You will be subscribed to the Owner's section of our Bulletin Board where you can seek advice, vote on the By-Laws, and give opinions on issues to the other movers and shakers. You will be invited to a bi-annual symposium where you can meet the other chapter owners and discuss the future of the Alliance. You will be promoted on our web site and through our mailings and book sales to people in your area. We will work with you because when you look good, we look good.

Please note that we get lots of inquiries about people wanting to start chapters, but our standards are high; that is why you don't see dozens of them out there. We would rather not open a chapter than open one that runs an inferior game. Please take this seriously; the Alliance is the cream of the crop of LARP games. Not everyone is allowed to start an Alliance chapter. We have removed games from the Alliance who were not performing up to our standards, and have even turned down NERO International games that wanted to join us but were not willing to meet our requirements. And because of this, our reputation for providing quality games is very good.

So why not just start your own game? Why do you need the Alliance?

First, because of the Alliance name and reputation, you will have instant name recognition among those who know about LARPs. You can buy our Rule Book at any store, and can download it from any e-book site. (People often buy the book and then email us asking why there isn't a game near them.) You will be able to sell your game better by telling your players that not only can they play in your game, but in any other Alliance game. You will be able to use a rules system that has been playtested for over twenty years and which is consistent, easy to learn, and as free from bugs as we can make it. And you will have the support and assistance of people who have been running games for years who can answer all your questions and provide training.

Alliance LARP is run by Michael A. Ventrella. Mike is an attorney who was one of the founders of NERO before it was even called that. He edited all of the NERO Rule Books before starting the Alliance. He knows how to run a good game and is probably the most experienced boffer LARP gamemaster in the United States. He is concerned about making sure everything is proper and legal, and is not running the Alliance for his own personal gain. This is not a fly-by-night operation or a bunch of kids forming a club. This is not an organization that pretends to be anything it isn't, pretends to have more chapters than it does, or otherwise tries to mislead the public. What you see is what you get.

If you think you are interested and can do a good job, send Mike an email.