About Alliance
About Alliance


A Module is basically a two hour long adventure for approximately six players. We take great pride in its modules.

Here are some of the most popular modules that the Ashbury campaign has run. If you are not familiar with the rules, some of this may not make much sense, but you will at least get an idea of the plots involved.

Most Popular

A Ghost Story - Every year on the anniversary of her death, the murdered bride's ghost haunts the closed off halls of the old mansion. Players had to try to avenge her death to free her spirit in this module, which won the award for "Best Module of 1995."

Blood Ties - Trying to determine what was really going on was much of the fun in this module, as the players dealt with an eccentric family and their possibly necromantic uncle.

Candyland - Being forced to play the crazy fey's board game made this one of the favorite modules of 1996!

On His Majesty's Secret Service - In this adventure, players had to enter a casino and somehow, through subterfuge and subtlety, get the secret papers that were hidden there.

Pieces of Eight - Having to deal with a crazed ship captain, seductive mermaids, angry water elementals, and bloodthirsty pirates kept players busy on this ship-based module, and the mutiny didn't help much either.

The Amazing and Fantastic Voltan Legerdemain Competition - This module was a contest for thieves and was filled with traps, puzzles, and other tests of dexterity.

The Sunken Tower - A tower that had sunken into the swamp years ago resurfaces, and the necromancer inside has plans for any adventurers who dare to come within!