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About Alliance


by Patrick VonRavenn
© 1997 Alliance LARP, Inc.

The Story

A mischievous Fey, 'The Candy Man' and his cohorts of the Unseelie Court, seeking some fun, have created a magical game called 'The Candy Kingdom' and 'donated it' with a doll to an orphanage.

The module begins when the PCs are approached by a frantic worker at the orphanage. He tells the players that when six children began playing it, they disappeared, right before their sitter's unbelieving eyes. They are a poor orphanage and cannot offer a reward! (The bonus encounter in this module is the extra fight).


At the Orphanage

The PCs will find the worker and some others in the orphanage all upset. On a table they will see the "Candyland" game and six pieces on the board. At the back of the table is a small blue doll with huge white eyes. As soon as a player touches the game board or any of the pieces, everything will stop and all NPCs will freeze. The players will have a minute or so to ponder the situation, and then the small blue doll will rise from the table, float across the room, and fall into the fireplace.

The secret door behind the fireplace (Aha! Didn't know that was there, did you?) will open and a very large version of the doll (an NPC in a matching costume) will welcome the players to the game and motion them in. They have no choice; they are magically sucked into the fireplace!


The Board Game

The party find themselves standing upon the starting square of a path of colored squares on a giant board game. A pair of large dice is on the square in front of them. To either side is an abyss. If anyone steps or falls off the game path and into the abyss, they will be transported back to the Orphanage. (They then, of course, may touch the smaller board game and appear again at the Starting square in the Fey Realm. PC's cannot willingly jump off to return to the orphanage to get help, as it is a game for up to six players only! If the Dice fall or are thrown off the board, they float and return to the squares.

In the center of the Board, off the path, is a gigantic ice cream cone. It starts to melt. The doll drifts off to somewhere off the path and transforms into 'Lollipop' the Master of Ceremonies and Guide for the Game (Have the NPC hold one of those big, lollipops with the swirls in them). Lollipop will introduce him/herself and say, 'Welcome to Candy Land! A game for up to 6 players, ages 4-2000! Please do not attempt to move forward without rolling the dice for that will result in serious pain!

If anyone does try to move forward at any time without rolling the dice, they will be struck by an elemental blast of appropriate damage enough to deter them from moving again without rolling. No cheating, Lollipop will warn.

Lollipop will explain that the party must roll the dice and move forward to the last square, where they find the Gingerbread House. Inside are the missing children. Along the way will be encounters triggered when the party lands on special squares, some will be good, some bad. If the party successfully reaches the Gingerbread house and overcomes the last encounter, they may take the children and return to the Orphanage. Lollipop will tell the party that (and she points to the giant ice cream cone) they have until the ice cream melts, which is about (2 hours minus how much time the party spent in the orphanage), or else they fail to win the children.

If attacked, Lollipop will not retaliate, but will have full protectives and an infinite amount of dodges and may return in a short while when the party has calmed themselves.

Allow the party to roll and move twice....regardless of where they land, that square will happen to be one with an encounter on it. After this, the Director will gauge how many rolls until the next encounter, depending on where the party is on the board.

Each time the party lands on a special square, Lollipop will announce the name of the place.


The Teeth Rot Room

The Party is transported to a room where small pieces of half-eaten candy and gum are strewn about. This is represented with phys reps of tape on the floor. The sticky patches of candy and gum act as Pastes of Stickiness. Anyone stepping on it will have their foot stuck. Likewise, if anyone or anything touches the patches they are stuck..including fallen bodies!

Four Disease Creatures await to do combat with anyone who enters the room. ("We make holes in teeth!") If the majority of the party goes down in the fight, the undead will cease combat and the party will be transported back to the Game Board to the Starting Square, even those who were stuck, meaning the other members of the party can heal them. If the entire party goes down then they have lost 10 minutes, since it will take 10 minutes for them all to awaken with one Body point. If the party wins the combat, they return to the square they were currently on.

Combat is the only way out of the room and no one gets stuck behind.


The Cherry Pitfalls

The Party is transported to a room rich with the fragrance of cherries, in which they find themselves standing upon a narrow ledge over looking a great pit. It extends deep down into a well of bubbling cherry juice (not boiling). On the left and right walls each is a giant mouth (represented by an NPC). The mouths do not speak and are unshattereable. On the other side of the chamber is a second, wider ledge where rests a chest.

Traversing the pit are a number of giant, floating cherry 'pits' that are spaced apart. The only way across is by leaping across to the various pits to the far ledge. Anyone falling off the pits drops far below (200 feet) into the cherry juice pool and will disappear (PC places a white head band and exits the room). The PC returns to the starting square and must roll their way back to the party.

Once the PC's begin crossing the pits, the mouths will open and make a 'Pt-too!' sound before spitting large pits at the crossing PC's. The Pits do a point of damage for each level of the party.

The chest on the other side is trapped with a Sleep gas. Inside the chest is treasure and the candycane needed to get out of the chamber. One of the Pc's has to eat the candy to leave the room.


The Rainbow Goodies Room

The Party is transported to a room full of bottles and candy. Also here are three Fey, 'Peppermint', 'Chuckles' and 'Grandma/Grandpa Peanut Brittle', who will greet the party warmly. They will inform the party that this is a place of rest and healing. To leave this room, the fey will tell the party that they must simply say three times, 'Goody Goody Gum Drops' and they'll appear back on the Game Board. They will ask if anyone is hurt or needs protectives. They will supply both in the form of milkshakes (healing potion) with rainbow sprinkles on top (protectives). They will readily chat on and on, deliberately wasting the party's time. They know and readily tell the party (if asked) that the Candy Man sets up these kidnappings all the time to lure adventurers to his games. He's that bored they will say. But, should the adventurers succeed, the Fey will say, Candy Man always returns the children and the adventurers back to their realm.


The Happy Happy Gingerbread Men

The Party is transported to a room in which there are six, happy, singing Gingerbread men. Behind the singing, dancing Gingerbread men is a giant Lollipop (played by an NPC) that calls out to the party! 'Help me! I am a prisoner! Win me and you will return to the board!' That's all the lollipop will say regardless of what it is asked. The Happy Gingerbread Men have powerful adoration for the lollipop and the party must defeat the Gingerbread men to win the Lollipop. If successful, the lollipop will thank them and the party will return them to the Game Board. As in the Teeth Rot Room, should most of the party go down in the fight, the combat ends and the party is returned to the Starting Square (but do not have to repeat the previous encounters).


The Tunnel of Fudge

The Party is transported to the beginning of a tunnel that appears to be made out of solid fudge. At the other end is a cavern of fudge. When the party appears, four Fudge/Chocolate Golems form out of the tunnel walls and proceed to attack the party. (Again as with the other rooms, should most of the party go down, the fight ceases and they go back to the Starting Square).

In the cavern, there is a chocolate kiss inside a circle of power. A voice will say, 'You must retrieve the chocolate kiss in order to leave. To retrieve the chocolate kiss, answer my two easy riddles.' The party may guess as much as they wish until they guess correctly. However, every 5 minutes, the Fudge Golems form out of the walls of the tunnel to attack. Once the party guesses correctly, the voice will recognize one of the party members in who retrieves the kiss. The Party is returned to their current square on the Gameboard, without the chocolate kiss.


Marauders of the Molasses Swamp

The Party is transported to a dark swamp of molasses. They are standing on a path through the swamp. On either side stretches molasses. Anyone falling into the molasses sinks within 5 seconds and disappears (as in the Cherry Pitfall room). In front of them, on the path, lays a candy cane. A voice will say, 'To leave this place and return to the Game Board, you must successfully transport the candy cane to the end of the Molasses Swamp. Beware! The Marauders of the Molasses Swamp have a hunger for candy canes and will seek to take it from you!'

Four doughboys wait in ambush and will attack the party (use the PC scaling). If most of the party goes down, the combat ceases as in previous rooms. If the party succeeds in getting the candy cane to the end of the swamp, then they will be returned to their current square on the Game Board.


Goody Goody Gumdrops

A healing encounter same as the Rainbow Goodies Room. except the names of the Fey are 'Prince/ss Sugarcone', 'Count/ess Cream' and "Baron/ness Blueberry." This encounter can be dropped if the Party is doing well and does not need the healing.


The Ginger Bread House, Home of the Candy Man!

The Party is transported to a gingerbread house. It should be setup with the trappings and furnishings of a house; chairs, sofa, etc. There are a several balls (foam OOG).

The Candy Man and his chief minions are there. Candy Man will greet the party and congratulate them on reaching the final square. He will offer them candy cane treats (which have paralysis poisons in them).

When asked for the children, he will motion for one of his minions to pull back a curtain to show the children in a circle of power.

The Candy Man will then say that all the party needs to do to win the children and return home is to engage in a game of Dodge Ball with himself and his minions. Any treachery and the Candy Man will not release the children. The Candy Man is another noncombat fae.

How it is played: Two sides line up on either side of the house. A line near each represents the boundary line that the side may not cross over. Three balls are used by either team to be thrown at each other (at Legal NERO Targets). Anyone hit by a ball is removed from play. (Magic Armors count as a miss and the IG skill of Dodge may be used) The first team to lose all of their players loses the game.


Bonus Round: Molasses Muck Monster The marshal asks the players if they want the "bonus round" beforehand. If they say yes, the following happens: Back at the orphanage, a huge, molasses-ooze, with a number of dripping tentacles (represented by three or four NPC's moving together as one unit) comes out of the game board and attacks.